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Hello From All Of Us To You 

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about what goes on here at Halesowen Martial Arts Centre. I founded the club in 1993 and with the support of my wife Julie, and my children Reuben and Kiyra, we have made the centre a successful martial arts centre where we teach kickboxing and boxing to all ages and run a variety of different fitness sessions. We train people of all abilities from new members, those who wish to just improve their fitness and world champions too. 


Family is an important part of the centre’s ethos, and we pride ourselves on having a strong, positive family environment to encourage and support each other when we need it. I am extremely proud of my family’s contribution to the centre’s success. 


Whether you are looking to learn a new sport, improve your fitness or strive to be the next world champion, we welcome you here to ‘our family’. 


Come and visit us and give it a try, what have you got to lose?


I will now introduce you to the members of the team here at the centre.



 Jason Charlesworth 
aka Boss Man
7th Dan

So about me, when I was 6 years old, the doctors told me I'd probably never walk as I had Perthes disease and look at me now, I am a 7th Dan Black Belt.  I know what personal struggles are, I've felt them. I know how hard is it to get to where you want to be - I've lived it, but that is what makes me good at what I do.

I began my training in boxing and then started with taekwondo before moving to Sport Karate. I have never forgotten my roots and these have helped me to build the CMA brand.


I have trained many British and World Champions within my sport and I am extremely passionate about helping anyone of any age be the very best they can be. I'll make you sweat, I'll make you train hard and I'll make you a fitter person, but I will also support you, encourage you and listen to you. This is why I have been successful for as long as I have been, and continue to do so.

In addition to building the CMA brand with my family,  I also train kids in schools in their PE classes and wrap around facilities meaning building a positive relationship with the schools and communities in the local area. I am DBS checked and hold the relevant Safeguarding qualifications.

Call me to help me make a difference!

 Julie Charlesworth
6th Dan

Hi, I'm Julie. I have ate, breathed and slept Martial Arts, kickboxing and boxing for years. If you can't beat them, join them, and that's exactly what I did. I am currently a 6th Dan Black Belt. I have gained

3 x World Championships, 5 x European Champs and 20 plus British Championships.


I teach the ladies only, little kickers and junior classes and I also offer one to one training sessions for ladies who may feel better training with another woman.  


I will help you, support you and listen to you but you will get results. Sometimes its hard to make the first step, so come along to our Tuesday and Thursday ladies classes and meet other like minded women and see you are not alone : )

     Reuben    Charlesworth
 5th Dan
     Kiyra    Charlesworth
2nd Dan


So where to start about me and my journey through the sport of kickboxing. I love being part of the school and love working with the students at the centre. I run the junior sessions as well as the fitness and fight classes. I know what it is like to win or lose as I have been doing this since I was 3 at a very high competitive level and so I have a big understanding on what you need to do to push above and beyond. I consistently train day and night finding new ways to improve everyone that I teach in ways to suit them best because not every one person is the same and everyone needs to enjoy and learn in a way that suits them best. I am a 5th Dan Black Belt and won many of kickboxing titles if they be British titles, various European titles and even world titles in lots of different associations. 

Heyyaa my name is Kiyra, I’m the daughter of the gym. I help out around the gym by helping to  train the little kickers, juniors and adult kickboxing classes. I do private lessons and I also compete all across Europe as I am part of the CMA Villans squad. Kickboxing is a really big part in my life as I was born into it and grew up around all of it. It has helped me a lot with my confidence, made me become more mature person and also made me become more sociable and better with talking to new people.


I really encourage young girls and women to take part in kickboxing as its not known to be a “girls” sport but I disagree. I think it's important for people to understand that it's not just about the fighting side because it's more than that, it's about the confidence building, being able to look after yourself, discipline and also fitness. 


In addition to all the above the main part that I think is special that is that the gym has brought to me is all my friends and family. Being able to compete around the world has given me the opportunity to not just have friends from the UK but from places such as America, Italy, Germany ect…  


I hope to see you down the gym with us. :)

Nick Wood
2nd Dan

I started martial arts and boxing at a very young age. Being young and having to try and stick to something so challenging is very difficult. Now I am much older, all of that dedication has paid off. Being able to teach other people what I have learned throughout the years is great.


Seeing everyone progress and flourish brings great happiness for me, and when the boxers step in the ring or anyone steps on the mat a part of me steps up as well.

I have been doing Karate for many years. I loved having to wear a crisp, clean white karate Gi and the sound that it made with sharp punches and kicks. Traditional Shotokan karate is very important to stay true, but it as almost important to move with the times and introduce methods to blend and help carry on this growing martial arts.

"There is no quick way to grow a tree that is strong enough to withstand a storm"

Mitch Wood
3rd Dan

To me, being a coach means to help everyone that I teach to be at their best ability and to learn everything that they need to know ready for their next grade or next competition. Watching all of the students that I teach, learn and grow from each session is maybe one of the best things that I see whilst teaching.

When I’m fighting at different competitions around the UK and around Europe I have coaches sitting behind me telling me what to do while I’m fighting and thanks to my coaches I am able to win many competitions.

Max Kensett
2nd Dan

Hi, my name is Max and I am on of the junior instructors here at Halesowen Martial Arts Centre.

I joined the gym when I was 4 years old and I gained by 1st Dan black belt at the age of 9. I am also part of the CMA Villans fight squad too.

I really enjoy helping the little kickers with their kickboxing. I like to help them to develop and to grow in a sport I love as I know how much it has helped me so I know it can help others too. I have learned discipline, self-control and how to overcome challenges that I have been faced with. I have been helping in the little kickers for over 3 years and it is really good to see those who I have helped move up their grades knowing that I may have helped them at some point in their journey.

Cassius Brown
1st Dan

Kickboxing to me means everything. I have been at the centre since I was three years old and gained my black belt first dan when I was eleven. I enjoy competing in kickboxing competitions all over England as part of the CMA Villans Team. I have made a lot of new friends through the sport and hope to fight in Europe soon and represent Great Britain.


I am passionate about passing on all the skills and knowledge of the sport I have learned over the years to the little kickers and juniors. Kickboxing has helped me to improve my fitness and build self-confidence. The sport has also taught me, dedication, perseverance, and courage.  It’s also about having lots of fun and I hope to be a good role model for the children I teach. 

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