Ladies Only Classes £5.00....... How Can You Say No!


Strong is the new skinny. This Girl Can. Girl Power. They all sound great don't they but it feels very different to walking into a gym by yourself to get fit doesn't it. We've all been there. Normal gyms terrify you, you've probably spent money on annual memberships only to go twice as it just felt too hard to walk into a class and start all over. Well that's were we can help. We don't judge, we don't ask where you've been if you miss a session, we will help you, we will encourage you and we will get you fit. All you need to do is just turn up and we will help you with the rest. You can do it.





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Ladies Only Classes

Every Tuesday and Thursday all ladies of all ages, abilities, fitness, shapes, sizes and attitudes walk through our centre doors at 6pm to make a difference to themselves. 

We know its daunting to start exercising after months, weeks, or years of not having the time. We know it can feel like everyone is looking at you and that you feel you'll be terrible or might not be able to do it. Everyone in this class feels like that or has felt like that. You are not alone.

Turn up, give it a chance, give yourself a chance as you will surprise yourself. We will encourage you, push you when you need it and you will get results and get fitter. When you feel fitter, you feel better about yourself. You'll be able to get rid of all that stress, tension and hopefully work towards fitting into that dress, jeans or bikini for your holidays!

Argh, I've never boxed before!!!


You don't need to have boxed. You just need a pair of trainers and the will to give it a go. The rest we will teach you.

We skip, learn techniques together, find those ab muscles, work your arms, work your fitness and you will get an all over body work out.

You will burn calories, you will drop fat, you will improve your overall aerobic fitness level and anerobic fitness level. You just need to walk through those doors.

We are all in it together. 

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