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Junior Kickboxing 7-11 years

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Our Junior Kickboxing sessions are about having an enjoyable session as well as feeling welcome if it’s the kids on the mats are the parents/guardians off the mats.

Lots of normal exercises are done as part of the warm up but we especially do a lot of team exercises and drills so the class is very well rounded, we try to bring out more confidence in everyone in the session and encourage the juniors to work with new people as uncomfortable as it may feel it is a brilliant way to make everyone feel more comfortable.

But as it’s a session for Juniors there is more discipline within the session as well which means we encourage the Juniors in the session to also take up more leading roles to build the confidence more and more which is very helpful with more real world situations whether it be moving into secondary school and already having the little extra about them to have a head start with their future.

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