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 Adult Kickboxing


The adult kickboxing classes are made up of 6 classes in total, Mondays and Wednesdays classes are basics, pad work as well as bag work also. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays classes are sparring sessions so if you have experience in the world of kickboxing and want to do more than just punch bags and kick pads and want that physical side of kickboxing this 3 classes are available for you as well. As for the last adult session its on a Saturday morning and its an open mat class meaning you can do some of your own work instead. Every class we offer involves fitness for 10-20 minutes at the start of the session, a stretch and then the real work begins. You will work loads and loads kicking, bouncing and movement as well as the punches all to go with it and by the end of the class feel like jelly. 

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