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I have around 3mil in OSRS gold my bank. Range gear: sara coif, Blk dhide chaps, body, zammy books snakeskin boots, Glory Amulet, Ring of life, archer helm, Avas accumulator, rune cbow or crystal bow, and RFD barrows gloves. Melee gear includes dragon and rune platebody skirts, neitznothelm, drag boots, rune defense or obbyshield,glory amulets, legends capses, ring of life, RFD gloves, whip/d long/d hally.

Khorne was already at bank at the time so he ate a full meal and went to attack it while i take food. The attack was not multi-preferred therefore we decided to throw it at Khorne. We switched strategies and put it in a pj. If I was out of money, I would bank. Then he would fight it. We ate about four tons of food on every rev.

So my question is: .... How do we get revs of 75 lvl and 60s revs on only 1 portion of food per day while we couldnt kill a lvl 63 lvl with buy RuneScape gold 4 tons of food? It was ridicoulous the rev didnt stop from healing... i even used attack and str pray to try and destroy him, but with no success... eventually we just gave up and ran away but are revs suppose to be this robust?

Kally Ninnette

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